Weddings: Frequently Asked Questions

Can you customize the cupcake decoration to match the theme of my wedding?

Yes, we can, and this is primarily what we do and enjoy doing.  We work closely with you and those who are helping you plan your wedding to create just the right cupcake and presentation for your event.  We’ll work with wedding planners and florists to integrate floral arrangements and other special touches to the presentation of your cupcakes.

Am I limited to ordering only those cupcakes offered on your daily menu?

No, you are not.  We will provide you elegantly decorated, custom cupcakes that complement your wedding, rehearsal dinner, wedding shower, bachelor party, bachelorette party, bridal tea, or engagement party.

Do you require a minimum order?

No, we do not. Understanding that there is no one-size-fits-all wedding, our stores are set up to accommodate large weddings, as well as the intimate backyard-wedding with just a few close family members and friends.

How many cupcakes fit on your cupcake tiers?

Our extra-large tier holds approximately 150 full-size cupcakes. A large square tier holds approximately 85 full-size cupcakes.  Our large round tier holds approximately 70 full-size cupcakes. And, our small cupcake tier holds approximately 36 full-size cupcakes.  Our stores carry a variety of cupcake tiers and may have various other options.

Do you offer any pre-set wedding packages? Am I able to combine full-size cupcakes with mini cupcakes?

Yes, many of our stores offer pre-set wedding packages.  Yes, many of our store packages combine full-size cupcakes and mini cupcakes.  If you are not purchasing a pre-set package, we can still combine full-size and mini cupcakes.

Can you provide a cutting cake?

Yes, most of our stores are asked to provide cutting cakes along with the cupcakes. We encourage you to contact your favorite store to confirm availability.

Do you offer tastings or a way to sample your cupcakes?

Yes, we do offer tastings. Each of our stores manages the tasting/consultation process independently, and we encourage you to contact your favorite store through the Schedule a Tasting section for details. Tastings are always scheduled at your convenience, and cupcakes can be taken home or tasted in our store.

What can I expect to pay for cupcakes? Do you offer price breaks? How are payments made?

The quickest way for us to provide you an answer is to contact your favorite Gigi’s Cupcakes store through the Schedule a Tasting section. The cost of having cupcakes at your wedding is based on a number of factors as you might imagine – number of cupcakes ordered, quantity and size of cupcake tier desired, intricacy of customization, set up and delivery requirements, etc. Each store is responsible for its own payment policy.

Does Gigi’s Cupcakes handle delivery and set up? Are there extra costs for set up and delivery?

Yes, we can handle delivery and set-up if you desire. Each store has its own delivery and set-up policies and fees.  Typically, set-up is only available if cupcakes and tiers are purchased or rented. A wedding expert at your favorite Gigi’s Cupcakes store can provide you more details.