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Gigi Talks Cupcakes and New Store in McCandless, PA

Gigi appeared on KDKA-TV | CBS Pittsburgh this morning to talk about the grand opening of Gigi’s Cupcakes Pittsburgh – McCandless.  Watch as she teaches the news team how to make her famous Gigi’s swirl!      

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 1.05.09 PM

Gigi’s Opens for Business in East Lansing, Michigan

Gigi’s Cupcakes is excited to announce the opening of its newest store location in East Lansing, MI. Gigi’s Cupcakes, originally founded by culinary creator Gigi Butler, opened their doors for business this week. The new store is located at 1020 Trowbridge Road in the Trowbridge Village Shopping Center. Gigi’s Cupcakes of East Lansing welcomed community […]


Gigi's Cupcakes USA
Gigi's Cupcakes USA updated their cover photo.Saturday, December 10th, 2016 at 2:11am
Patsy Kitt Almond snow delite This comes from the almonds fall off their trees in Jan & Feb and giving the picture of snow as they fall!
Shelbi Setchell TAVI (Toasted Almond, Vanilla, Incredible) or the long version Riki Tiki TAVI
Dani Wojes Cin Cin Almond "Cin Cin! " is the Italian version of cheers! A toast to Almond!
Sam Kowalczyk Vanilla Almond Kisses
Donya Bruehl Toasty Winter Almond
Jon Gorrell "Rockin' Almond Brother"
Lisa King A little bit of Heaven.
Debbie Piper Toasty White Almond
LaToya Nicole Nilla Campfire Crunch
Marla Tadlock Milli Vanilli
Crystal Frazier Roasty Toasty
Peggy Viater Platt
Amanda Hopkins Love in A Cup ❤
T Franchesca Howell Almond Extraordinaire
Sherri Johnson Vanilla Almond Melt-A-Away
Angie Phillips My Sweet Heaven
Regina Lynn Young Almond Snow Crunch
Kourtney Lavergne Toasted Vanilla crunch!
Mae Durkee The Nutcracker
Dena Moran Ho-Ho Heaven
Donnett Denmark Garrett "Hunka Hunka Vanilla Love"
Debra Thorlakson Wilson Nutty Bliss
Anthony Hengst Almond snow globe fantasy
Keri Gilbert Vanilla almond madness
Martha Grigsby Almond explosion
Gigi's Cupcakes USA
Gigi's Cupcakes USASaturday, December 10th, 2016 at 2:00am

Here is YOUR chance to name a Gigi's Cupcake and win a $500 Visa gift card! All you have to do is give our Vanilla Toasted Almond cupcake a name:

Our Vanilla Toasted Almond cupcake is an almond cake with toasted almonds...

Julie Rutter For Heavens Cake! I have a few names but this is my first and favorite. I wasn't able to put it on a form where I entered my email though.
Jo Lynn Freeman Davis Nutty Bliss Dolce Almond Bliss Or just Dolce Bliss (Dolce is Italian for sweetly and softly) The link only allows for an email address so here is my suggestion!!
Letosha Naugle Mounds of Almonds, Almonds Alamode, Sweet Almond Dream, Pudding Almond Dream
Caitlin Reilly Snowcake! Because just like traditional snowcake, it's got the vanilla and almond flavors that is loved by many!
Jessica Jorgensen Almondy surprise, diaMOND in the ruff, crystal nut, frosty the almond
Torria Neal Sweet Almond Delight Candied Almond Crunch Delightful Candied Vanilla
Ania Lorusso meraviglia, in italian it means wooow, and it's a mix of word "almonds" and "vanilla" translated in italian, mandorle and vaniglia
Angelique Reynolds Toasted Vanilla Almond Joy (It's better than the candy bar!)
Keri Gilbert Sweet toasty almond Almond crunch Almond delight Delightful almond decadence
Michelle Caradonna Nutcracker Bliss Toasted Nutcracker Crunch Nutcracker Dreams
Madeline Vick Almond Toastie !!! Tried to enter email on entry page but it wouldn't let me.
Monica Martin Names: Winter Almond Avalanche Almond, What are we toasting? Affinity for Almond Toasted Almond King Oh, Almond!
Amber Murphy-Kinney Toasted Vanilla Yuletide
Julie Rutter Vanilla Dolce Crunch
Sara Conerly Robinson Almond Joy or Nutty Vanilla
Ricki Thao A Holiday Toast A Toast To Home Almond Blizzard Sweet Almond Craze
Mandy N. Luna Vanilla almond wonderland Vanilla almond dream Vanilla almond mountain Sweet vanilla winter
Connie Hunt Extreme Vanilla Crunch
Jennifer Holderman-Walters Doux Vanille Almonde
Jennifer Holderman-Walters Sweet Vanilla Almond
Meggan Beck Vanilla Almond Amore
Britta Sather Keskul cupcake (Keskul is an almond pudding) Turkish almond cupcake
Kathy Martin Heavenly toasted Vanilla
Kourtney Lavergne Almond Vanilla Crunch
Sabrina Norton Vanilla almond dream
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