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Pink Surprise & Chocolate Addicts

Pink Surprise & Chocolate Addicts

Order one of Gigi's Ultimate Party pleasers! Get the crowd excited with these freshly baked treats that make your celebration a lot tastier! Everyone is sure to find their favorite treat amongst these assortments of our signature classics.
Full Product Count
24 Cupcakes

Pink Birthday Surprise (6)

White Birthday Surprise (6)

Midnight Magic (3)

Double Stuff (3) 

Chocolate Salted Caramel (3)

Wedding Cake (3)

12 Brownies

Brownies (12) 

12 Cookies

Chocolate Chip (3) 

Peanut Butter (3) 

Oatmeal (3) 

Snickerdoodle (3) 

What’s in the Box?

Pink Celebration Box
Chocolate Addicts Box
Brownie Box
Assorted Cookie Box