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Gigi’s Cupcakes Auburn, AL

Patrick and Jennifer Cooper, Owners

Favorite Gigi’s Cupcake:

Patrick – Southern Comfort

Jennifer – Chocolate Salted Caramel

auburn-coopersPatrick and Jennifer Cooper are the owners of Gigi’s Cupcakes in Auburn, and they also own three other Gigi’s locations, including Gigi’s Cupcakes of Montgomery, Alabama, Gigi’s Cupcakes of Prattville, Alabama and Gigi’s Cupcakes of Columbus, Georgia.

The couple met while attending Auburn and never thought they’d be baking cupcakes every day. Patrick’s family owned and operated a sock mill in Fort Payne, Alabama, formerly known as the “Sock Capital of the World.” It was a logical step for Patrick to get a business degree with the intent to move back to Fort Payne and take over the family business. When he graduated in 2004 from Auburn University, he did just that.

Jennifer was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee and fell in love with Auburn while on a trip to visit many colleges in Alabama. Many events in Jennifer’s life helped shape her career path- education. She graduated from Auburn with a degree in secondary science education. Jennifer and Patrick married in 2005 and Jennifer began teaching 7th grade life science. She absolutely loved it!

2009 was a pivotal year for the Coopers. A few months after finding out they were going to bring a precious baby boy in to the world, the sock mill closed leaving Patrick without a job. Fort Payne had been hit hard by the free trade laws and Patrick’s family’s mill was one of the last ones left. After much thought and prayer, Patrick and Jennifer knew they would have to move from Fort Payne- the question was where. Auburn was clearly a favorite! Patrick and Jennifer wanted to continue in the entrepreneurial spirit of his family and start their own business. Sweets seemed like a logical venue as they both would eat dessert before the main course!

While in Nashville in 2009 for a wedding, they stumbled upon Gigi’s Cupcakes. It was love at first bite! When the sock milled closed, Gigi’s was the first business that came to Jennifer’s mind. When they discussed their plans to move to Auburn and open a Gigi’s Cupcakes to their parents – Patrick and Jennifer’s family thought they were both a little crazy! Thankfully they supported Patrick and Jennifer in their decisions and were a huge help in starting their businesses.

When they are not selling the best cupcakes on Earth, Patrick and Jennifer enjoy spending time as a family with their 3 year old, and they also make sure to take in Auburn football games and a few other sporting events throughout the year!

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